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Architectural Benefits

  • Increase the scope of internal design possibilities
  • Creates solutions for cost effective, radical property development
  • Maintains building fire & smoke integrity without compromising decor

Fit For Purpose

  • Can be retro fit or new build installed
  • The only 'Plug & Play' system removes the need for electricians
  • Designed to operate independently
  • Can be integrated into existing fire alarm systems
  • Reduced installation time

Commercial Benefits

  • Release additional chargeable floor space
  • Reduces long term service and maintenance costs

Safety Improvements (Door Only)

  • No risk of tripping, falling, snagging or trapping
  • Removes risk of inadvertent fire regulation infringement
  • Improves internal visibility, for better security
  • Reduces risk of infection transfer
  • Resolves issues relating to building regulations for access to and use of buildings (Approved Document M)
  • Supports Government initiative of Lifetime Homes
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